Monday, March 22, 2010

(the rest of) the 7drl reviews!

Whooops! looks like I missed one or two of those suckazsc!
I was just looking at the people who posted separate SUCCESS
posts to and so I missed a couple
of people who replied to their original challenge post and some
of others who I need to hunt down and test!

7drl successes pt 2:

Troll Slayer
This is some good stuff here.
(you can quote me on that.)
I couldn't figure out how to move diagonally
but everything else was pleasurable
I played using the tiles and it all looked good
but my guy got tired pretty quickly!
have to be a little conservative at first while
you are pounding people around
it seemed like the weaposn I picked up did less
damage then when I was unarmed
maybe that has something to do with the title
I died pretty quickly so I couldn't tell how deep
this game is, but it was pretty fun and complete
and thorough - with descriptions of things abounding
well worth another try for me.

this game is fun!
you have to protect/ harvest these jellies
push them around (damn beasts! stop moving around like that!)
or make your life easy and build yourself a hall with the walls
you can easily put up/ remove
meanwhile, some pesky kobolds will start creeping!
This game was really fun, right away
you will be pushing those damn jellies around in no time!
did I mention it was also really fun?
add some cutsey graphics, a couple of extras and market this thing!

this game was pretty good -
you are standing in a field
assailed on all sides by your enemies
fire arrows (or crazy beams if you start cheating)
at them or cut them down with your blade
the enemies horde is endless............

city of the condemned
ahhh! It seems these hidden ones are some of the most entertaining
this one is really good, I've got to say.
take control of either a demon or an angel and vie for control
of the city inhabitant's souls. It is pretty easy as a demon
(or maybe the put the number of angels to a low # when you play
as a demon?) but still fun either way - possess an innocent virgin
and start blazing away at your ex-neighbors
Or take control of the holy, yet fragile angels and bless as many
of the innocent city dwellers before turning to the task of removing
the entrenched and vicious imps from the possessseesesed.
I would definitely play this game again - especially because
I never got to the point where I could use any of the advanced
actions (if those are in the game yet)



no d/l??

no d/l??

no d/l??

Laser Spigot
no d/l??

Well, this is one of the msot well thought-out and conceptual of all the entires I would say

this was the one I was most excited about
I dreamt of packing oddly shaped objects into oddly shaped and
much-too-small bags/ boxes/ packages
the program was "Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application."
We'll see what's going on when I go back and try to get all the pythons & matDX programs working

no linux - will try compiling

Sunday, March 21, 2010

7drl 2010 reviews

I have taken it upon myself to review all the successful entries for the 2010 7drl competition.

There were a lot of great entries this year!

Take a look:

DungeonSweeper -
interesting - odd - die quickly at first until you figure out what is going on

Arima: Desdemona's Fall
Seems pretty cool - seems like there are a lot of ideas bubbling around
lots of "you cleared the map!"'s

domination empires:
really polished - couldn't figure it out after two deaths
RTS game involving conquering territories and expanding production
-must read help!

last of candle:
pretty simple, but you go from full health to dead quick!
the automatic ranged weapon firing in the direction you are walking is cool

Smash Arena:
Pretty fun - run around killing stuff and trying to knock monsters into other monsters

Ascii Dash:
interesting & entertaining -
kind of like dig-dug

died quickly - maybe try & see how movement works better next time
zombie attack RL - seems interesting, however, having to press enter after
every single command made it unplayable :(

this is cool! Gets hard quick
RL where your sanity decreases & light is important
when you are crazy you start seeing imaginary ghosts
& demons & whatnot attacking you

destiny rogue
took me a little while to figure out that you need to press A
to attack - I thought maybe I was some little girl who
could only throw a sword being followed around some
dungeon by her body guards. something like that...
I didn't mess with the companions very much - but we
all seemed to be able to take care of ourselves
I was never injured and I went down at least 7 levels
and I only noticed one of my companions injured by 2 hp one time
and another by another 2 hp.
if there was some more content added it seems like this could
be pretty good

Floating Eye
This one is pretty fun! turn off the auto turn and start paralyzing
those pesky adventurers!

The screen is really small though.

Underhall -
this one is pretty cool - roguelike in 3d

A Quest Too Far
Seems pretty complete -
you are a retired old adventurer
going off to save your grandkids
and your arthritis keeps acting up

Run around cutting crazy lunatic's heads off!
blood flies everywhere!
This one was pretty cool - Need to try a different character type
and see how it goes being able to utilize some magic

The Legend of Kalamakkara
reacts a little bit slow, but this game was pretty fun
and had character
go down to the bottom of the town elder's magically warped basement,
splattering monsters along the way

Smart Kobold
this game was really good! well polished, and complete.
you are an arrogant adventurer desperate to pay off some
of your gambling debts
What better way than through plundering the stupid kobold's
It seems like there is only one level at the moment, but I will be
waiting for the expansion!
The map features smooth sloping passageways which loop back over/ under
themselves and are cool but can be confusing with the unremembered fov.

The Spy who Rogued Me
Seems pretty interesting - worth trying again
controls are weird - the eyeball game did a better
job with the same control scheme (except that
the eyeball game used the arrow keys and tswrm
managed to not have to use the arrow keys)
I died pretty quickly though - couldn't figure out
how to kill the dogs

sneak around and try to rogue them all night long!

harmless 7drl
seems like it could be good, but I never
managed to get thr right runes to cast any spells
so spent the entire time running away and trying to
trap monsters behind a door

run around setting traps for
big creepy monsters to stumble into
if they get near you, you're dead!
there are a few different traps for you to play
around with
descend deep into the dungeon - it's pretty easy
once you get some damaging traps. Until you start
getting swarmed!

earl spork
jump around and try to jump on top of vegetables
not really RL, but done in ascci & turn based!
also it seems like it can be unwinnable...
I tried to lure some peas over so I could jump
off of them and get across a long gap
but no luck

seems pretty deep & fleshed out
train your princess and then send her out
into the wilderness to clear dungeons and
practice proper etiquette
Watch out for monster generator monsters!

vapourtek theatre
tactical combat with alchemists, archers and hand-to-hand troops

run around
eat things
spit things at other things
digest things!!!
don't let that food get too close!

Seems pretty cool - run around doing
wrestling moves - scooping people up
and body-slamming them!
there also seem to be a bunch of bugs
when I start scooping people
looks pretty interesting though
- some interesting combat mechanics

Muert: Racial Prison Riot (rape) Mayhem
You run around in some hard-coded prison block map
with prisoners and police spawning around you
prisoners of a different color will attack you unless
they are attacking some police
-it's hard to know what is going on - too many messages
when you die you take control of the person who killed you
you die pretty easily and there is nothing to do
besides pressing some buttons that open some doors
and running around through hallways getting attacked
or outside.

Failed at reviewing:

shopDoom -
couldn't play missing files

the dungeons of craci:
no curses

no curses no stdint.h

no win7

RogueBand Hero:
didn't feel like downloading all that stuff

needs MegaZeux to run

World of Roguecraft

Spell & Spear
did not like my graphics card

quest for 7
no curses

A Most Peculiar Adventure
doesn't like my video card

unable to compile - no linux

unnamed mud roguelike
does not accept connections from nonlocal hosts


bane of the living
no panel.h

not a valid win32 application

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Muert: Racial Prison Riot (rape) Mayhem

Another 7drl competition has come to an end. Try: Muert: Racial Prison Riot (rape) Mayhem.
look in keys.txt for instructions until I add the in-game help.



I guess I was supposed to state which elements I have reused from past projects:
Most of the graphics/ display, wall/ furniture/ door/ switch logic, the different races, small portions of the combat and small portions of the base ai code.

What is left on top of that? hmm....?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

World Map & God Map

This shows the world map with raw fire and water regions in the northern section, earth in the middle and air in the sw & se corners:

This is the same area in god mode: