Monday, June 29, 2009

New User-Friendly Interface/ World Generation Demo

Good evening ladies & gentlemen. I am very close to having an actual playable release - All I need to do is add in all of the old stuff that I have, which will not be too hard or very much work - maybe just a little bit tedious here & there. Since I have fixed my world generation (besides adding back in the local-zoom level) and made both of our lives easier by making it extremely easy to add & display helpful messages & information about whatever you are doing plus giving you the ability to tune the size of text & amount of space dedicated to the gameplay window. Very technical and unexciting. The cool stuff is the noise generator app that you can access from the system options screen that you can play around with and even generate your own world maps. Once you ESCape out of the noise & system screens you will be able to Start the world generation process. After the world map has been generated you can fly around there or zoom in and fly around in the regionmaps.