Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wall Effects

What the hell? What's up with all of the fixed-persepective in top-down 2-d games?! Doing this was pretty easy:

I made the walls flip around so you can always see the side you are viewing - this makes it look like you are in zelda-like rooms.

It looks pretty cool, in my opinion, and allows me to add different types of furniture to the different sides of the walls. There is an artifact or two that I need to clean up, but that is because of the way I do the fov.

There are 4 different ships & one complex that are randomly selected when you Start and you can make your own if you mess around in buildings.txt - but it will only randomly select building #'s 1 - 5 and it might break cause I have not added in any error checking for the graphing or the different sections yet