Monday, March 22, 2010

(the rest of) the 7drl reviews!

Whooops! looks like I missed one or two of those suckazsc!
I was just looking at the people who posted separate SUCCESS
posts to and so I missed a couple
of people who replied to their original challenge post and some
of others who I need to hunt down and test!

7drl successes pt 2:

Troll Slayer
This is some good stuff here.
(you can quote me on that.)
I couldn't figure out how to move diagonally
but everything else was pleasurable
I played using the tiles and it all looked good
but my guy got tired pretty quickly!
have to be a little conservative at first while
you are pounding people around
it seemed like the weaposn I picked up did less
damage then when I was unarmed
maybe that has something to do with the title
I died pretty quickly so I couldn't tell how deep
this game is, but it was pretty fun and complete
and thorough - with descriptions of things abounding
well worth another try for me.

this game is fun!
you have to protect/ harvest these jellies
push them around (damn beasts! stop moving around like that!)
or make your life easy and build yourself a hall with the walls
you can easily put up/ remove
meanwhile, some pesky kobolds will start creeping!
This game was really fun, right away
you will be pushing those damn jellies around in no time!
did I mention it was also really fun?
add some cutsey graphics, a couple of extras and market this thing!

this game was pretty good -
you are standing in a field
assailed on all sides by your enemies
fire arrows (or crazy beams if you start cheating)
at them or cut them down with your blade
the enemies horde is endless............

city of the condemned
ahhh! It seems these hidden ones are some of the most entertaining
this one is really good, I've got to say.
take control of either a demon or an angel and vie for control
of the city inhabitant's souls. It is pretty easy as a demon
(or maybe the put the number of angels to a low # when you play
as a demon?) but still fun either way - possess an innocent virgin
and start blazing away at your ex-neighbors
Or take control of the holy, yet fragile angels and bless as many
of the innocent city dwellers before turning to the task of removing
the entrenched and vicious imps from the possessseesesed.
I would definitely play this game again - especially because
I never got to the point where I could use any of the advanced
actions (if those are in the game yet)



no d/l??

no d/l??

no d/l??

Laser Spigot
no d/l??

Well, this is one of the msot well thought-out and conceptual of all the entires I would say

this was the one I was most excited about
I dreamt of packing oddly shaped objects into oddly shaped and
much-too-small bags/ boxes/ packages
the program was "Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application."
We'll see what's going on when I go back and try to get all the pythons & matDX programs working

no linux - will try compiling


  1. Sorry, I only posted the announcement with the download link for Laser Spigot to Guess I should've cross posted to r.g.r.development.

    You can find it at

  2. I want Muert game!!! Pls continue development. If you want money, go flash instead and win kongregate contests.